The 2020 AAMC Skills Developement Course begins Thursday evening March 19. Perfect prep for a ROSPA or IAM test, or just improve your skills and enjoyment.  Two sessions every other week, 10 sessions in total.  Roadcraft theory sessions and on-the-road practicals.  Contact us now to secure a place.



  • Avon Advanced is a proudly independant motorcycle club providing advanced training to ROSPA standards.

  • Our club is only affiliated to the BMF. (our affiliation with BMF enables us to offer observed rides covered by the necessary Public Liability Insurance).

  • As an advanced club we like to encourage our members to take advanced training and if they wish, to take and pass an advanced test.

  • To help them with this, we provide our own training. Every spring we run a five week skills development course incorporating both theory and practical sessions. In additional to this we also provide one to one training and support trhough our 6 ROSPA diploma holders.  

  • An external test can presently be taken through ‘Rospa’ or the ‘IAM’ (Institute of Advanced Motorists)

  • Whilst we continue to encourage members to train for, take (and pass) an advanced test, this is not mandatory.

  • We are happy for riders to join learn some new skills, meet other riders but most of all, to enjoy safe riding.