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It is the aim of the Club to promote safe and enjoyable motorcycling.  The Ride Leader and Sweeper on the day must promote and address these two primary objectives.


Due consideration should be given to both the standard of the group, as well as the pre-planned route.  Adjusting the route may on occasions be a consideration if the predetermined schedule is not being achieved. The likelihood of this will be reduced if the route is pre-ridden at a reasonable pace.


Regular breaks from riding of not less than 15-20 minutes must be taken at ideally 1½ hourly intervals with at least a one hour lunch stop, to reduce fatigue, aid concentration and improve road safety.  When neither a café nor restaurant is available, a garage with toilets may be a viable alternative.


Individual tank ranges must be taken into consideration.


Ride Leaders should anticipate Drop-off points in advance and on approach ensure that at least one group member is in view behind.




On Arriving at Rendezvous


Ensure that all riders have fuelled up.


Check for guests and new members - make yourself known to them, make sure they know you are the Ride Leader.  Verbally establish their riding experience, explain the Advanced riding system we adopt and the ‘drop off’ system.


Appoint a Sweeper, ensure that you have the Sweeper’s mobile number, discuss route, stops etc., keeping them informed at each break stop as to where you are planning to go next.


Sweeper’s Role


In the event of being significantly delayed during the ride, the Sweeper should consider sending a text or voice message to the Ride Leader.


As you approach the dropped off person marking the junction, slow down in anticipation to enable the rider to pull-out in front of you, where safe to do so.  Otherwise you should pass that person and then slow down or even stop to allow him/her to resume a position within the group.




  1. Introduce yourself.

  2. Introduce your Sweeper.

  3. Introduce guests / new members.

  4. Explain the route, the stops and how far to the first fuel stop.

  5. Explain the ‘system of riding’, in particular when guests and new members are present. 

  6. When dropped-off, riders should always consider their own safety paramount and should choose a safe place to stop.  Then they should ensure that they are in a position where approaching riders from the group are able to see them clearly.

  7. Advise the group that overtaking is permitted between ride members as well as other road users, provided that this is done safely and courteously.

  8. Advise the group that everyone must ride at a pace at which they feel comfortable and competent and should not feel any pressure from within the group to ride outside that comfort zone. They must however be alert to others whose parameters of comfort and competence may be different from their own.

  9. Remind all riders that they are responsible for maintaining safety and complying with the law at all times.

  10. Remind all riders that if anyone is planning to leave the group other than at a pre-arranged stop, they should inform both the Leader and Sweeper of their intentions.

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