About Us

We've been around since 1973 when we were originally known as Avon Advanced Motorcyclists. The emphasis then, was on training riders to advanced and instructor standard. Over time the club has evolved and we've been through a number of different guises.

As a club, we now aim for a balance of safe, progressive group riding, promoting advanced riding through encouragement and direction, as well as social events and activities

We cater for all age groups and arrange a diary of events each year. Although many of our members ride all year round, for safety reasons our diary of Club rides start early in March and we finish in early November, with at least the majority of rides in the summer months, either at the weekend or on an evening. We also organise at least two club trips each year.

During the winter months, we take on a more socially orientated focus, which includes meeting for our annual awards dinner, a curry night and skittles, but we will organise whatever the members want to do (within reason)!

Our monthly newsletter Treads, gives an idea of what we're planning and doing, reports about our organised rides, hints, tips, useful information and opinion about motorcycles and motorcycling.

To be able to join you need to have: -

  • a full motorcycle licence;

  • a motorcycle of 33 bhp or more capable of cruising at motorway speeds (70 mph);

  • paid the annual subscription;

  • a general desire to improve your standard of riding;


We hope to see you out with us soon.

It could be the most fun you've had with your bike in a long time. Seriously!


AAMC's data protection policy is available to download here.